Ok this is my first time EVER trying to make a cool wallpaper. So don't complain if you think it's rubbish. It's a wallpaper of one of my fave circles; Sadistic Mary!

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Here are some links to a few doujin circles websites that I love or find interesting:




One of my fave circles! Oh god, I am in love with this doujin artist's Hetalia stuff! (You have no idea! I think she likes uniforms/military gear as much as I do!) Mostly has Hetalia stuff. Great war stories, gorgeous, unique (and not too 'pretty shojo') artwork and seriously steamy, graphic and kinky sex scenes with a bit of bdsm/noncon and Uke!Germany!! (Yummy!!) What more could you want!? ;) And what makes it even better is that they LOOK like men! Oh yes, I am addicted to her work...

Shout for love



Another one of my favorite circles. She does really pretty Russia x Prussia Hetalia stuff. Epic, is all I can say. I hope to get more of her doujinshi in the future! <3

ugly girl



Another fave circle. Her work is just stunningly pretty. I have seen some of her doujinshi, the ones I have seen are Hetalia Russia x Prussia. Really, truly amazing. I love the way she draws Gilbert. Her works are not one to miss!




This circle is slowly becoming one of my favorites too. Her work is popular and famous. She has such delicate and pretty work. She does Hetalia doujinshi.




Wow, wow, wow! I ADORE her! Very much a favorite circle! Just look at her work! She can draw so well, she makes Gil and Luddie look so good! O/////O




Another favorite circle. HER WORK IS AMAZING!!! I love the way she draws Ludwig! So masculine looking! ^o^ She normally draws Hetalia England x Germany. Her work looks unique, and really amazing.




She is another one of my faves! Gorgeous artwork! Just look at that picture of Sexy!Germany! *drools* Mostly does Prussia x Germany.



Very pretty, delicate, moe like drawings. They are so cute! ^-^


Another fave circle!
It's Carnelian. Her work is always amazing, what more can I say?



The things that he/she draws are very, very pretty, although if you have ever seen what is inside his/her doujins, well you know it is pretty hardcore, it's definitely not my thing, but it is very beautiful. Most people would be squicked by it. @_@ However, if your into scat and futa, this is the perfect circle for you. Go wild.

Die Another Day



Definitely another fave circle!
Gorgeous artwork! She seriously has some sexy Hetalia Uke!Germany stuff! I am becoming a huge fan!

Sadistic Mary

Another fave! <3
I adore this doujin artist! Very unique style! Can have some bdsm/fetish elements in his/her work. I have also seen some slightly gory fetishistic pics on this artists site too (not too much in the doujins themselves, well, from the ones I have seen anyway). Well, this artists circle IS called Sadistic Mary.

Gensho Koubou


Always has very pretty, sexy and colorful drawings.

Drunken Angel


One more fave circle! Yay! She does Hetalia doujinshi. She LOVES Prussia (who doesn't?) and Germany always gets an equal amount of love in her works too! I LOVE her artwork, and who could forget those very yummy, dirty and explicit sex scenes!? Her works are pure porn. Seriously. And the way she draws Seme!Germany is just... *_* He looks so hot! She has some Lick Your Lips, Seriously. Hot. Stuff! I am in love!! Go buy Drunken Angel's doujinshi!!  <3 If you can find it, that is! (Her works are harder to find).                                                       




This artist has one of the most unique styles of drawing! Very pretty artwork, and definitely one of a kind!




This circle has really great Hetalia Germany x Prussia art. Always has hot sex scenes!




EVE has some sexy Hetalia doujinshi! ^o^

Hato Rami


Hato Rami has some really amazing work! Very pretty!


OK, so for some reason there are hardly any mangaka I like. I guess I have specific tastes when it comes to yaoi manga. But there is one I LOVE!!

Mizukami Shin


I have fallen in love with this mangaka. She has a wonderful way of drawing, and specialises in drawing military yaoi.
She does others, but I like her military ones, I do think those ones are her best works.


This mangaka seems to have a military uniform fetish, just like me. :3 Her seme guys look so stunning and the uniform makes them twice as hot!

A lot of this mangaka's work has noncon/dubcon and BDSM themes in it too, so it can get quite kinky (better than vanilla I say). And unfortunatly (for me anyway) some of the ukes can be borderline shota. But not all of her work has that. Yay! ^_^ General Dandy is a good but short oneshot by her.
One thing I like about the military stories is that a lot of them are very funny. You seriously can't help but giggle at times. The stories can be cute, funny and sad but one thing is for certain, they will always be very, very hot. I guess they are not really anything special and may be rushed in some places, but hey, some of her plots are not important in her work. They are mostly there to set the stage for yaoi/comedy. However, there are some good plots. But I don't care about that, I just drool over the pretty artwork, BDSM, hot semes and uniforms. If your interested you can read her works if you look around on google. You should be able to buy them from some online shops too.

Oh yeah, go take a look at Mizukami Shin's official website!


Doujinshi Database

I find it very helpful whenever I want to know the contents of doujinshi, or if I want to see more doujinshi by an artist or to just find certain information to go look on the doujinshi database site. It is seriously helpful for doujinshi collectors and something I use quite often. It is also good for finding new circles you may be interested in and to just generally gather more information.
The doujinshi database is an information website which categorizes circles/artists and their doujinshi. Basically, it literally is a doujinshi database. As new doujinshi come out, it is always being updated. Some doujinshi and circles I have not been able to find on there though.
There are no doujinshi to read or download. It is for reference. But they usually have samples of the front cover and a couple of page scans and information on the doujinshi and artist. As a doujinshi collector, this website has helped me tremendously! Go check it out, and start searching!